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Driggs, Idaho Travel Guide

Driggs, Idaho Travel Guide

Driggs is an adorable, little mountain town found in the heart of Teton Valley. It is a 1 hour drive from Jackson Hole depending on whether there is snow on Teton Pass. My husband's grandparents built a family cabin in Driggs during the 1970's, so I am very fortunate to visit Driggs and the beautiful Teton Valley fairly often.


Driggs Idaho Travel Guide

My husband and his family talk often about how Driggs has changed and become more developed, but honestly is feels like a small, quiet mountain town to me – and that is a good thing!

Corner Drug Store

If you are going to visit Driggs, your first stop should be to Corner Drug Store! Corner Store Drug is located at the corner of the only stoplight in Driggs, you cannot miss it! Not only does the Corner Store offer a pharmacy, but it also sells sporting goods and toys. The best part though, is their old-fashioned soda fountain

The soda fountain serves ice cream and shakes, just like it did 100 years ago! They are still serving from the very counter that was used over a century ago. You will feel like time has stopped for a moment while you fill up on ice cream. What more could you ask for?

The Spud

Speaking of feeling like time has stopped. I would also check out The Spud drive-in while you are in Driggs! It is an old-fashioned drive-in that boasts selling 50’s concessions as well as double feature movies on the weekends. You will feel like a kids again. Even the prices will make you feel like time has stopped. Compared to seeing a movie in a typical theater, the prices at The Spud are a steal!! 

Grand Teton Distillery

Grand Teton Distillery is a fairly new business in Driggs, but they have already made quite a name for themselves! They distill vodka and whiskey in a variety of flavors. Their vodka was even voted the #1 in America & #2 in the World! Their vodka is made from potatoes.... I mean, what else would you use in Idaho?! I love this because I am gluten free and can drink it, unlike most Vodkas that come from grain! The distillery is located just minutes from downtown Driggs and they even offer tours. The staff are very friendly and will teach you all they know, as well as letting you sample their amazing products!

A new tasting room for Grand Teton Distillery has also opened in Jackson Hole recently. You can get a taste of Driggs right in Jackson Hole. I would recommend the location in Driggs if you do have the time though.  It is fun to see the distilling process and get a educational tour!

Outdoor Recreation

You cannot mention Driggs without mentioning it’s amazing outdoor opportunities as well! Grand Targhee Resort and the Teton River are both minutes from Driggs. You can ski, snowboard, snowshoe, cross-country ski, kayak, canoe, fish (ice or fly), hike, play disc golf, etc. all in the areas that surrounding Driggs. The outdoor adventure options are endless!

Grand Teton National Park is also a 2 hour drive from Driggs. I would highly recommend visiting if you have the time. I would allow a few days though, the park is too beautiful for a quick trip.

When it comes to outdoor activities, we love to rent & buy from Peaked Sports. They are located in downtown Driggs and offer you everything you need in concern to great outdoors! They offer winter and summer rentals. Their website also has great information concerning: fishing & mountain biking in the area. 

Grand Targhee Music Festivals

Every summer, Grand Targhee Resort hosts 2 amazing music festivals, Targhee Fest & Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival. Each festival offers 3 days of music and entertainment. You can camp nearby, bring your RV, or rent a mountain lodge at the resort. Grand Targhee may be a smaller, more unknown resort but what it delivers in activities and entertainment puts them among the top of my list of favorite mountain resorts! 

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