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National Park Lovers' Gift Guide

National Park Lovers' Gift Guide

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Since its creation in 1916, the National Park Service has been one of America's most beloved assets. There are 58 national parks that make up the national park system, the full list can be found here

The following is a list of gift ideas for the national parks enthusiast in your life, or perhaps you will find something to help celebrate your latest national park adventure! You are bound to find something great to celebrate the national parks on this list!


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Photo from nps.gov

Photo from nps.gov

If you have someone on your list that is obsessed with the national parks, then a parks pass is the perfect gift! They will grant you access to the entire national parks system for an entire year! There are several types offered - annual, military, annual 4th grade pass, and volunteer pass. Some of the passes are even free, so definitely make sure to check these out!

National Park Patch

Patches are the perfect gift for the backpacker on your list. They are a great way to commemorate all of your park visits. You can often find them in the visitor's centers of each park, or you can find them online. They can decorate your backpack with them like a passport page of all your trips!

National Park Hat

Hats are a great gift for anyone who loves the outdoors. They can protect you from the elements, or hide that dirty camp hair you often sport while camping. They are the perfect accessory for adventuring in the national parks, or even around town!

National Park Poster

National park posters are a great way to help keep track of past visits, or to perhaps plan future trips. We personally like this poster that includes all of the national parks on one print. It serves as motivation to keep planning more vacations to the parks!

National Park DVD Set

This series was directed by Ken Burns for PBS. It is a 12 hour, 6 episode series that highlights the history of our national park's system. A perfect gift for a national park lover who is also a history buff!

National Park Kids' Clothing

Adults are not the only ones who love national parks, kids do too! It's never to early to instill an appreciation for our nation's park system. If you know a kid that loves the national parks, there are lots of fun clothing options out there to buy them!

National Park Sticker

Stickers are a great way to show our love for the national parks. You can stick them on your water bottle, car, cooler, etc. We love this Smokey sticker - he is such a great symbol for the protection of our parks. 

National Park Puzzle

Puzzles are a great family activity. We love this puzzle because it showcases all of the national parks with beautiful vintage travel posters. We can imagine myself doing this on a winter day, dreaming about summer adventures to the parks! 

National Park Thermos

If you have a coffee or tea drinker that is a national park lover on your list, this is the perfect gift! It's perfect for long roadtrips, cold mornings in camp, or at the office. A great way to show one's love for the national parks.

National Park Coloring Book

Coloring books are a great, unique gift idea! They provide hours of entertainment and you can take them anywhere! Perfect for both adults and kids that love the national parks.

National Park T-Shirt

Who doesn't love a good souvenir t-shirt? You can help your favorite national park lover celebrate a recent trip with a national parks t-shirt. There are several great options on Amazon, some that showcase all of the parks (like the one shown) or some that honor individual parks.

National Park Playing Cards

This is a perfect gift for the national park lover in your life! Playing cards are a great way to entertain oneself while camping or road tripping. They can provide hours of entertainment without breaking the bank or taking up much space in your backpack.

National Park Guide Book

Guide books are a great gift for the national park adventurer on your list! They are great for brainstorming future trips, or a great resource to bring while visiting the parks!

National Park Pin

National park pins are another great way to document your visits to the national parks. Like patches, you can decorate your backpack with pins to commemorate your park trips. We like to collect them like passport stamps but for my backpack!

National Park Calendar

Calendars are a great gift for the national park lover on your list because they can be repurposed as art when they are finished being used! They are great daily reminder of the parks, so you can daydream about adventuring year round.

National Park Tapestry


A tapestry is a great way to incorporate one's love for the national parks into their home decor. There are tapestries available on Society6 of national park posters as well as photography.

National Park Kids' Book

It's never to early to foster the love of the national parks in a child. This book is full of activities, trivia, games, etc. A perfect book for at home, or on the road touring the parks! They will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family!

National Park Board Game

Board games are a perfect gift for the family that loves national parks. Monopoly is a classic, but the national parks edition is unique. The game features over 60 of the most beautiful and historic sites in America and even feature animals for the game pieces!

National Park Service Sweatshirt

Help the national park lover on your list sport their love for the national parks service with this sweatshirt. It displays the iconic arrowhead symbol that is used throughout the parks system. 

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