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US National Parks Checklist

US National Parks Checklist

I have been obsessed with the National Park Service for years, ever since I visited the Grand Canyon as a kid. I believe that they are one of the greatest gifts this country offers! It wasn't until I moved to Utah for college that I really began crossing parks off my bucket list. I have visited 19 of the 59 national parks in the US and it is now my life goal to visit all of the US national parks!

I created this list of national parks infographic as a tool to help me organize the parks by location. I intend to use it for planning my future park road trip adventures. I hope that you find it helpful as well!

Now that I live in the midwest again, I have Isle Royale and Voyageurs on the top of my bucket list. I am also being pulled to visit the Everglades, it is such a different environment from the west coast parks I have spent years visiting!

What national parks have you visited? Which ones are your favorites? What tips do you have related to traveling the national parks?


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There are some great websites related to the national parks that will be very helpful in your trip planning! There is the National Parks Foundation and the National Parks Traveler. Both have tons of information related to the national parks, you could spend hours getting lost on each site!

I have also compiled a list of all the National Parks with links to their websites. They are great resources for planning your trips to the parks!

Additional Trip Planning Resources:

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